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Optomized for Google Chrome, screen resolution 1298 x 828.

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Jun.25.14 : Updated Recs page
Jun.22.14 : Released All-in-one #2
Jun.08.14 : Released Theme #21
May.26.14 : Posted cute icons w/colors

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Did this from a chromaa color palette :D

Remember to tag your art with #chromaa. Here is some great work using one of our color palettes.

So I'm using one of your all-in-one pages for my blog (it doesn't have a name, but uh... its color scheme is a simple light blue and white color? Not sure if that helps any ^^;; ) and it says that the description has a scroll thing, but it doesn't seem to work for me? Not sure if I'm doing anything wrong or whatever, but I have a lot of text but I go to scroll down it and nothing happens. So. Yeah.
@anextremelynerdyblogger I’m sorry! That was my mistake. You can reinstall the code here, or you can just look for this part of the code:


then just add overflow: auto; like this:


and that’s it!

Can any other types of music players work with your themes?
friggle-froogle Yes! But it’s up to you to install them correctly!

> kawhibi sent:
i have a problem with your theme, cake party. how do i show my followers on my blog? or is there no option for that matter?
kawhihibi The theme doesn’t have an option to show your followers. You can use this page to show the quantity of followers that you have on your blog, I hope it helps.

Hola!He usado tu theme Enchanted y lo raro es que en Personalizar el sidebar se mueve, es decir, funciona como un gif, pero al abrir mi página normal, queda estático. ¿Podrías ayudarme? Muchas gracias.
realrebellion Hola! Entré a tu blog y el problema es que modificaste el código y yo no puedo saber qué hiciste mal :l agregaste botón de Twitter y contador de visitas, yo creo ese es el problema, de hecho ni siquiera puedo ir hacia abajo porque el scroll no aparece, así que te pediría que re-instales el código :s Los colores y demás no cambiarán:)

hi! i was wondering if you could be a bit more specific on where you learned to code. i know you gave 2 links in one of your FAQs but i don't think that that's all it took for you to learn. i'm trying to learn how to code too so your response would be very helpful and really appeciated! and your codes are lovely btw
theblackfortune First of all thank you for your compliment! And, there are many pages and many tutorials where you can learn to code, but, there’s nothing that can help you more than the practice.

You can look for a base code, look at every line of it, and see what each code looks for; the borders, width, height, position, etc. So start playing with the code so that you can understand what each code is used for.

I think that’s all I can tell you, practice, practice a lot, that’s how I started. When I see my first themes I’m like “oh my goodness what was I thinking? Why didn’t I do ______ instead of ______?” haha It’s because you get experience so you get much better if you practice, you learn about new things, scripts and other stuff, so your first theme might be simple but the new ones will be much much better if you keep practicing.

If you want to ask anything about codes, scripts or anything else, and you think I can help you then ask me please, I’ll be glad to help! I hope this was what you wanted to hear from me haha, if not, please let me know image Have a nice day!!


THEME 01 : S I L V E R  S O U L

live preview: x  |  pastebin / freetexthost

(optimised for 1280x800 - please like/reblog if using, and message me for any questions! :3) 

F E A T U R E S :
  • header image must be 1280px x 685px
  • 400px posts only
  • main title & subtitle
  • custom icon and links
  • hover over posts for permalink & post info
  • alt version (temp) coming soon!
C R E D I T S :
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Please Don't Use Themes from Jublieethemes


The owner has stolen coding from me, the owner of vulcanthemes (whole thing about that here), and certainly many others. She either ignores messages or acts out incredibly rudely.

Jubileethemes’s latest theme, “Precipitous” includes coding for the captions that I used on my…

> animallikeme sent:
I just wanted to thank you for your amazing themes. I love all of them. You are an amazing artist <3
animallikeme ; A ; Thank youuuuuuu


Hiatus Page
Static Preview 1Static Preview 2Code Theme Blog (ask questions there!)


  1. Fish widget as background or an image as a background (size should the same as your screen size)
  2. Music player (by vitanica). Use billy-mp3-player.
  3. Facebook and Twitter Link.
  4. Pop Up Ask box
  5. Colors are customizable
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> Anonymous sent:
I have your theme [08] the garden. I noticed that the music player isn't visible unless I view my blog in full-screen mode. Was this intentional? Is there a way to fix it?

It wasn’t intentional. I usually just make themes compatible with my computer’s resolution, but I don’t have mine on full-screen, I have the tab, search, and bookmark bars visible at all times so it might just be you have a smaller resolution than I do. (Which if that is the case I am so sorry because I already thing mine is small because I used to have a much bigger computer). 

To fix it find “.playholder” and under it change “margin-top: 650px”. If you make the number smaller it will move up the screen, bigger moves it down. Just play around with it until it’s at a spot you like. (You can use negative numbers btw).

cythemesHey Nessie! To fix this problem, you could also use bottom: 0px; (or a different value) so no matter what the resolution is the music player (or object) will always be 0px from the bottom to top :) I hope I explained myself correctly haha

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We Flood the Night
not gonna do all of those hex codes sry, im laaaazy


We Flood the Night

not gonna do all of those hex codes sry, im laaaazy


Preview / Code
  • 250 / 400 post size only.
  • description
  • title [BEST KEPT SHORT]
  • background image.
  • banner image
    - you can upload wallpapers and it will look awesome!
  • 2 header image (resizes)
    - hover to see the second image.
    - width: 402px height: 267px.
  • Slide background image.
    - width:402px height:270px
  • Sticky navigation bar.
  • Sliding links
  • 6 extra custom links
  • sliding askbox option
  • sliding about me
    - about me icon - 100px X 100px
  • Infinite scroll option
  • Show caption option
  • Post info on hover for photos and photosets.
  • Custom fonts
  • Customizable colors.
About me page: Go to edit html. After <body> find "div id="about"> and write your about me there. If you have a hard time finding it. Just press CTRL+F and type in 'about' to find it easily.

I also compiled some header images for you guys as well. They are all 1920px wide. Download.


THEME 2.2 ⌊KAGUNE⌉ by Imaginedragons
 ⇛ Static Preview 1//Static Preview 2

  • 500px or 400px posts
  • optional icon image, search box, and sidebar
  • optional description and links on toggle
  • 36 color options
  • infinite scrolling option with back to top button
  • saturation photo effect
  • post background color change on hover
  • quick reblog and like button

please keep the credit intact
reblog/like if using, any questions can be asked here

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> haru-kah sent:
hi! I wanted to use your music player tab #2, but when i followed the instructions, no text seemed to appear! i thought my billy music player code was correct because it worked on my previous theme, but is that the source of the problem? thank you!
haru-kah Hi! I don’t know what you did with the code so I can’t tell you what you did wrong or if it’s my code :l I’m sorry!

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